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Improved Human Health

As we begin to heal the health of our soils, making them richer in organic matter, we improve the nutrient availability of the soil. If our soils have increased nutrients, our food becomes rich in these nutrients. This is true when thinking about vegetables and cereals, but also as the soils on our grassy, herb rich pastures improve, the healthier our outdoor reared livestock become. Yummy!

Organic and Regenerative Food

The way we farm places an emphasis on working with nature, not against it. Organic farming means we do not use chemicals in our food production. Farming regeneratively means that every decision we make, we do it to enhance the health of the soil.

Caring for the Environment

Farms were once places filled with trees and hedgerows, they were mixed farms, host to both arable production, vegetable cropping and the rearing of livestock. Biodiversity in our crops and the very design of our farm is key in creating healthy and thriving habitats where nature can thrive. Building these kind of ecosystems helps to fertilise our soils, attract beneficial insects onto our farm and build natural resilience against the extremes of weather we face in Britain today.

No Chemicals In Our Food Production

Chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides and fungisdies are all designed to kill unwanted things on a farm. Can all that death really bring about life in our food? We don't beilive it can. There is a better way, a way in which we can work with nature to manage pests and diseases and eliminate the need for chemicals.

Locally Grown and Sold

The majority of food we buy from supermarkets has hundreds of food miles on it. Food miles come with large carbon footprints too! Not only that, but food supply is then susceptible to global markets. Growing food independently here in Great Barton, and selling to our local community, we can collectively survive and thrive when growers and consumers join together.

Fair Pricing and Fair Wages

Good, healthy food has always been expensive, but does it have to be? We want to strike the balance between fair pricing and fair wages. We don't want the price of our food to be a barrier to accessing it, therefore we have adopted a payment scale that empowers you to pay what you can, whilst maintaining a fair wage for the growers of your food.

  • Jubilee Farm, Great Barton

    Choose to collect your food share from Jubilee Farm in Great Barton and take advantage of our food swap facility, and of course say hello to the growers!

  • Bury St Edmunds, West

    We're looking for partners to facilitate our food collection points across Bury St Edmunds. Please contact us if you know of somewhere around the west of Bury that may be able to help.

  • Bury St Edmunds, South

    We're looking for partners to facilitate our food collection points across Bury St Edmunds. Please contact us if you know of somewhere around the south of Bury that may be able to help.

Invest Into Our Farm

We are looking for investors to partner with us to help create a farming and food system that is sustainable, economical and ecological. Below are just three ways you can consider being involved.

1. Financial investment

2. Investment of skills

3. Investment of your time

If you can help we would love to hear from you, drop us a line on

Meet the growers of our veg boxes at Jubilee Farm, Bury St Edmunds

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From sponsoring fruit trees to helping support the building of chicken houses and many things in between, there are plenty of opportunities to support the work of our regenerative, soil saving farm!

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