Our Mission

  • Grow With Nature

    As a farm that adheres to organic and regenerative principles we don't use any chemicals in our food growing. Chances are, most things you eat today have either been sprayed with chemicals to control pests and diseases, or they have been dosed with synthetic fertilisers to aid in their growth. At Jubilee Farm we work with nature to control pests, diseases and manage healthy growth.

  • Distribute Locally

    We're farmers, not delivery people. We want to focus our efforts on growing the healthiest, tastiest and most nutritious food you've ever eaten! To aid in that goal we are re-thinking the way we sell and distribute our food, creating localised collection points across Bury St Edmunds.

  • Flexible Payment

    We believe everyone should be able to access organic, nutrient dense food, but traditionally price has been a barrier to this. We have adopted a niche European model that empowers the consumer, that's you, to pay the farmer a wage that your household can afford. You can choose to pay minimum wage, or give a little more and help to subsidise others accessing our food.

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Grow With Nature

Regenerative farming is more than the latest fad in agriculture, it's the key to a thriving future. We're passionate about growing food to regenerative and organic principles, keeping our food clean and using systems that nature freely offers to keep costs low, and food healthy. To find out more information about the principles of regenerative farming, follow the button below.

Regenerative Farming

Distribute Locally

Instead of driving around Bury St Edmunds for hours on end delivering boxes of food, we believe there is a better way. Chances are you either live near our farm in Great Barton, or you travel daily past certain routes in and out of town. We want to make use of your daily routines, so establishing collection locations that you pass anyway just makes sense. To discover where our collection points are, follow the button below.

Collection Locations

Flexible Payment

For too long food has been undervalued, the true cost of food has been forgotten and we are all used to cheap, imported food. We're into high quality at Jubilee Farm, and we're doing our best to make sure it doesn't cost the earth. By following the steps above we can keep things reasonable. But, to further help with this we are being bold and trusting and saying to you 'you decide on what to poay'. Click the button below and see our food box offerings, you'll notice a drop down list asking what you want to pay for your veg.

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