Meet Our Team

  • Mike Long

    Mike had been working in horticulture since 2006, but from 2019 it's particularly the growing of food that has peaked his interest. Jubilee Farm was birthed out of Mike's desire to see food grown and distributed locally, with a high value on soil health.

  • Lizi Long

    Having grown up in the Fens of Cambridgeshire, with a father as an agricultural engineer, Lizi has been around farms and tractors for most of her life. Growing food and rearing chickens is something Lizi does at home, so the farm is a natural extension to her passions.

  • Jonathan King

    Jonathan has had a passion for growing nutrient dense food over a decade. Whilst living in London he volunteered at local market gardens and grew what he could in his small terrace garden. More recently, now back in Suffolk, Jonathan and his family have been growing on a larger scale.

About Jubilee Farm

Jubilee Farm is a farming project that aims to champion the restoration and regeneration of soil, plants and people. We love the name of our farm. Did you know the word ‘jubilee’ in some ancient traditions represents liberation and freedom? For Mike and Lizi the heart and vision for this project is exactly that.

As Mike and Lizi stand at the threshold of a career change, seeking to adopt the beautiful old ways of life with a modern twist, they find themselves about to embrace all that agriculture offers to them as a family of 7. Not because they have always desired to be farmers, rather something deeper than that; you might say it is more akin to a ‘calling’ that they feel deep within.

Jubilee Farm is sixteen acres of farmland near the market town of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Previously commercially farmed as part of a larger arable farm, we see this small piece of land as a gift to us. It is the perfect opportunity to challenge the way our food is grown, sold and distributed through exploring organic and regenerative methods.

Did you know Bury St Edmunds is home to large food and drink producers such as Greene King, Silver Spoon and Branston? Now Jubilee Farm has arrived! The dream however, is not one of empire building, but a dream of building community, circular farming, working with nature and growing nutrient dense food together. Our measure of success is not a healthy bank account, but of healthy, happy people joining in the dance of a food revolution.

At Jubilee Farm, our lives, our family, our faith is a place of invitation, where people can come to join in with the healing of our soils and in turn find healing for themselves through our holistic approach. Jubilee Farm is a place of education for the mind, connection for the soul and freedom for the spirit.