Bridleway resurfacing

Dear residents of Great Barton,

Over the past 3 days we have been upgrading the surface to Bridleway 8, this is a farm track that runs alongside one of our fields at Jubilee Farm. Our farm is nestled between this track, coming from the B1106, Mill Road and a private lane, Vicarage Farm Lane.

Earlier this year we applied to Suffolk Highways to use the farm track as the main access to our proposed farm shop, The Pink Radish. We wanted to use this track as our main access to respect the residents living on and around Vicarage Farm Lane; using this route will keep any traffic to and from our farm from needing to use the lane. This includes staff, volunteers and future customers.

Suffolk Highways have recently permitted us to use the track to access Jubilee Farm, agreeing that this is the most suitable access route to the future farm shop. It was agreed for the surface to be upgraded with 75-100mm of road planing. Suffolk County Council are paying for the works to be completed and Jubilee Farm Suffolk Ltd was awarded the contract to carry out the works.

Bridleway 8 has been a much loved walking route for us and our family, years before we had taken on the farm. Many of you will know just how full of potholes the track was, but now with its new surface, the track is wider and smoother for all to enjoy. The track remains a public right of way for everyone.

As of today, the surfacing has been completed and all that remains is to tidy up the verges, which was started today and will continue and complete next week. Jubilee Farm will be responsible for the maintenance of the track and rest assured we will repair any potholes should they appear.

Thank you to all those who have been patient with us these past few days. We look forward to meeting many of you out and about as we work the fields, creating something for our community to enjoy both now and for generations to come.

For more information about Jubilee Farm and our organic, regenerative practices in creating local food for local people please visit our website

Kind regards,

Mike and Lizi Long

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