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Jubilee Farm

Build A Chicken A Home

Build A Chicken A Home

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The first livestock we plan to have at Jubilee Farm will be our feathery friends - chickens! Chickens play such an important role in a regenerative farm, often referred to as the clean up crew as they flick poop around the pastures, spreading their manure around as an excellent fertilisrer, avoiding the over fertilisation on small areas.

But, our chickens need a home before we can bring them onto the farm. We have plans to build an 'eggmobile' that gets moved just a little bit each day through our pasture. This is where we would love your support. Building an eggmobile will cost around £1500, so we're looking for 10 cheerful givers to help us reach our goal. To thank you we will add a plaque with your name on it to the new chicken house; who wouldn't want to be famous amongst chickens!

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